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pulled last night even tho im at my hairiest ive ever been

yas bitch

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Anonymous: Ur sosososososoosos F pWeettyyy!!!! & Your hair looks A+ it's my favourite look!

thank you honey pie xx

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say those three words and i’m yours

super smash bros

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Annak Williams 
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George Harrison relaxing in India. 
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soo.. last night

  • went to a gig with my granny and mammy, had a bottle of wine danced to ska and pulp fiction soundtrack. my granny called megan “cool” 
  • went to an old man pub, stole some bottles from the bar and drank them while hanging our legs off the quay
  • went to a terrible bar with trad players, got called out on drinking the ends of people’s pints
  • made two straight men kiss by promising them that we’d kiss and then we ran away laughing
  • they followed us to where we were getting food and i got a bouncer to kick them out
  • found our banjo busking friend again and danced to him playing ska and punk
  • trapped a man inside my tiny leather jacket, he spent 15 minutes trying to free himself (THIS IS TIGHTER THAN HANDCUFFS!!”)
  • kissed a brazillian
  • group of people tried to guess megan’s boob size + apparently it takes guts to go braless in this day and age
  • an old man told megan he was 35, tried to buy her and took out his teeth and told her to fight him when we refused
    "this is a fuckin scam.. i paid 10 euro for these two women"
  • walked home with bancigian and fell even harder in love. wrote on his arm “roxanne - the police sophie megan” so he’d remember us


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